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Higold Global Distributer Convention, the enthusiasm can compare to the Oscar Academy Awards

2017-8-8 17:05:59



"Gathering Global Wisdom" Higold global convention & New products lanuching event has been opened on 25th, Mar 2017 in Sheraton Hotel, Shunde. This is not only part  tradition of Higold but also the guildline of the industry.

Ms. Li Guohua, general secretary of China association of industry and commerce in furniture and decoration.  Mr. Liu Wei, founder of 789DDN household design; Mr. Wu Awei, senior technology manager of Golden Home Cabinetry Company. etc to attended this event. Also, more than 30 Media companies are here to report this news. Higold part, apart from China distributors,  there're more than 40 distributers from Aisa, Europe, North America, Austrilian and Africa to participate this feast. It's break the record.


The owner of Higold group, Mr. Alwin Ou gave the important speech to express the welcome and thanks for all the guests for the contribution of Higold's development

Higold, it's the soul of creative living


Higold functional hardware and intelligence sink have combined both kitchen cabinet & closet perfectly. Letting home full fill of creation, practical and style. Higold own-designed out-door furniture make your life more exciting. It's mark of art, premium and fashion.


Higold, take the innovation as the life.


Higold is keep seeking the global wisdom, mixing them together to create the special DNA. For example, we cooperated with Germany design master Mr. Nicolas Tomkins to build the Higold Germany R&D center to keep refreshed in technical, structure, functional and creative in our products. Also, we cooperating with the world class Italian design company, Pininfarina who is famous for design luxury car brand Ferrari. All these activities made our products image and enterprices image leading the industry and life.


Higold, view people as the foundation of success.


To attract more multinational talents, Higold new world class headquarter is going to born. It's not only match with the sharing spirit of Higold's culture but also the proud of Higold family. We are taking this landmark as the new start point. Higold will beyond your imagination in the future.

Higold, focuing on high-end & intelligent manufacturing


Products quality should mixing with high standard  volume-wise & intelligence manufacturing, then, can meet the demanding of global market needs.  Higold already prepared for this. The 3rd manufacturing base will be available for production in this year will made the whole manufacturing area of higold reach to 200,000 squre meters. It will become the biggest functional hardware & creative out-door furniture manufacturing center in Asia.


Higold, endorse for "Made in China" with Gree Group


Higold believes it's both good time & most chanllege time for China to develop manufacturing. Higold firmly growing with our global distributors and partners by products & branding strategy to achieve high quality and sharing with all the world. To fight for the better life of human being.

The owner of Higold group Mr. Alwin Ou clearly poin out that " R&D, Intelligence manufacturing, Marketing" as the operation strategy of Higold group in 2017. Higold as the leader of the industry devote ourselves into technical innovation, and growing together with whole industry. Firmly implementing way of "China Creation"


Totally 200,000 square meters manufacturing base will made Higold as the largest functional hardware & out-door furniture in the Asia.


Mr. Wang Baochun, VP of Higold kitchen hardware division, Mr. Yu Julin, GM of Higold sink division, Mr. Sun, Guohua, GM of Higold out-door furniture separately issued their marketing strategy of 2017

If we say marketing strategy is a direction, Higold 2017 new products lanuch events be focused by the whole industry. Each divison of Higold group's new products lanuch being taken as the benchmark of its industry. Higold always following the concept of health life to improve the living space and mixing the fashion and ergonmics


The chief designer of Higold, Euro red-dot winner, Mr. Nicolas issued the fashion trend of 2017. He also has the confidence for the strangth of Higold new products.


The convention is not only the collision of ideas but also a party of all Higold family. The Reword Ceremony on 25th, May night  is the most exciting sector. We cannot achieve 62% increase rate without the supporting from each member of Higold family. " Target Achievement Reword", " Brand Establishment Reword" etc have been announced one by one. The most important reword that night are " Domestic Sales Volume" &  " Global Sales Volume" reword, they've been got by our distributor in Beijing and Holland, Europe.


To honour the outstanding performance of our distributors in 2016, Higold decide to give the "Cash Refund" to them which drawed the screaming of the whole ball room.


We appreciated our global partners to walk with us in past difficult year of 2016. In 2017, Higold will continusly implementing Creative, Branding, Products as the core of our global strategy. Growing with our distributors and achieve our wish of fighting for the improve of quality of human life.


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