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HIGOLD is set up a JV company with top design company Pininfarina(Italy) in China

2017-8-8 17:01:50


The 26th IOD Conference was held at the InterContinental Hotel in Foshan, China in March 6th to 8th, 2017.. HIGOLD Group and Pininfarina together to announced establish the strategic cooperative relationship. Higold came into focus in this World-class feast.


HIGOLD's new star Headquarters Building: the most creative landmark projects in China which created by HIGOLD and Pininfarina; It's also the first architectural work of Pininfarina team in China.


HIGOLD's star headquarters building inherit HIGOLD's  culture of "innovation and leading", it is a model of HIGOLD's future development, It is also the window of Pininfarina to overlooking the China. Pininfarina is from Italy, world-class level, famous in design field. Recognized as the world's top industrial design company, equivalent to the Italian national treasure. It is a dedicated design company and provide core innovation design for Ferrari sports car, Maserati sports car, Lamborghini super sports car and other well-known car brand. Their design business included the automotive, construction, industrial products and other fields, with nearly a hundred years of long history and won more than 600 international industrial design and architectural design top award. It become benchmark because of its fantastic innovation and design.


Another world landmark, leading the future works, will be born soon. HIGOLD & Pininfarina announced at the 26th IOD Conference "HIGOLD Group and Italy Pininfarina set up a joint company in China, it is responsible for all of China's design and management work". HIGOLD & Pininfarina will provide quality landmarks architectural design, urban planning and design, interior design, automotive, cruise, train design and industrial product design.


Pininfarina will become the first foreign company who enter into HIGOLD's interstellar headquarters building. The international strategic cooperation between HIGOLD and Pininfarina is an important strategy for HIGOLD's internationalization, is also an vital process to promote "China Creation" to the peak of the world.


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